#Loneria Part 2 by #DateDoctor

Avani Parekh

January 02 , 2016


Did you find out if you had any of the symptoms of Loneria I listed earlier here?

Well luckily there is a CURE in sight!

The #DateDoctor is here to tell you how to feel better and make 2016 a year to remember: Get back to #boybrowsing and #unsingling using TrulyMadly, and combat the disease of Loneria!

I promise, anything is better than a Tere Naam marathon. 😛

Happy #UnSingling!

And don’t forget to watch this hilarious video about what Loneria patients say:

Avani is Truly Madly’s #DateDoctor and founder of  LoveDoctor.in where she and other professional counselors connect to answer questions about relationships, love and sexual health.


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