This Happens When You Party With Your BFFs

Team TrulyMadly

July 18 , 2016

Picking out each other’s outfits


The two of you know each other’s closet inside out but you’ll still need to approve each other’s outfits before heading out. #InstaLove

Dancing to YOUR song


You hear your song and the maniacs in you suddenly take over, and there you are embarrassing yourselves centre-stage. But hey, who cares as long as you are together!

Playing eye-contact games


You have a steady game plan for the evening. There’s that hand gesture if the boy she is talking to is a pain in the ass and you’re supposed to swoop in and rescue her. Or that ”I’m not drunkkkkk” followed by a fit of giggles which definitely gives you the idea how tipsy she is.

Having a secret LOL moment


Whether it’s the couple in the corner having a fight or the terrible dancers in front of you, or the cute bartender (well, until he opened his mouth), you’ll always end up building a ‘remember when?’ memory with your BFF almost every time you are partying.

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