10 Amazing Date Ideas With Your Music Lover Beau

When you are in a relationship you start taking interest in your beau’s likes and hobbies. You always think of ways to let them know how much you appreciate their passions or simply love to see them happy by doing something which you think they might love! So, if you are dating a music lover there more than just a few ways to make them happy and spend some quality time with you in their style.

1. Karoke

You can always sing out and have unlimited fun together. Just play the videos of your favourite songs with lyrics on YouTube and sing your heart out!
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2. Radio Request

What can be more thoughtful and cute than a request of your bae’s favorite song on the radio to make their day?
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3. Musical Picnic

Arrange a mat, a picnic basket full of goodies to eat and a music system on your terrace, verandah, garden or even in your living room space, clearing all the furniture! Now listen to great music, sing along and enjoy the yummy food together.
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4. Vinyl Hunt

People with good taste in music usually love the classics. So, why not hunt for the original and vintage music records in thrift shops or online? Now you can do it together and show them how much you care for their interests or do it alone and surprise them with the record they wanted for so long.
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5. Concert

Live concerts are always exciting to anyone who’s a true music lover. Go on, have the night of your life, losing yourself in the music by your favorite band.
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6. Live Music dinner

Some restaurants offer great live music along with sumptuous food. So, if you are planning on eating out, you can always try one of those for a memorable and a melodious date.
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7. Music Fests

Look out for local music fests and shows being organized in your city and enjoy the beats with your bae. There are many apps that can help you keep track of these live shows.
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8. Surprise Passes

If your beau is a die hard fan of a band and you happen to know it to be playing somewhere in or around your city, surprise him with tickets to the show and fly off together to watch it. He’ll be more than just happy to receive such a thoughtful gift.

9. A long Drive

Just grab a few CDs of your SO’s favourite music and go on a long drive, humming the lyrics together and enjoying the fresh air of the countryside. Stop and munch at a highway dhaba and go back with your hearts filled with a song!

10. Personalized Show

Spend a little extra on special occasions and get a musician to play exclusively for you two while you enjoy candle light dinner at your home. Or you can even request your talented SO play something for you. Such attention and appreciation will always be loved!
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