10 Cute Monsoon Date Ideas

A date under the cloudy sky or when it’s softly drizzling outside, is the mark of perfection for anyone who is a true romantic at heart. So, if you are too looking to turn the murky rains in your favour and make a wonderful romantic date out of them, here are 10 great ideas to pick from.

1. Go on a long drive with your bae and enjoy the soaking landscape running along.

Don’t forget to stop by to have a comforting cutting chai on your way.
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2. Take a plunge in a pool and have a hearty swim with your beau.

FYI: We are not kidding. Just go and try it and we are sure you’ll love every moment of the unusual experience.
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3. Curl up together and enjoy a movie marathon!

Add lots of pillows and a big bowl of popcorn and you are all set for a cosy date.
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4. Chat endlessly with a hot cup of tea watching the rain.

image source

5. Enjoy a lovely walk in the soft drizzle, under an umbrella.

And if it’s by the sea, it’s even better!
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6. Share roasted bhuttas or a plate of piping hot pakoras to spice up a cloudy evening.

image source/ Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

7. Arrange for a candle light dinner on your terrace under the shelter of a funky umbrella.

patio umbrella lighting, patio, umbrella lighting, lighting
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8. Visit a national park or go for trekking to ignite the romance in the picturesque wild.

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9. Play scrabble or ludo and make paper boats with your partner.

And maybe even make loud splashes in puddle. Game?
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10. Enjoy a good rain dance.

Enough said. 🙂
image source/ Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.

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