10 Dating Tips Anyone Who Is A Single Must Make Use Of

When you are dating or even if looking for a person to pair up with, you often get confused and need help to analyse how to react, what to expect and what to do. So, if you too are a single and looking out for your love, here are some amazing tips which you should make full use of to get you sailing through this dating ocean.

1. Realize that finding a date for yourself is one of your many random goals you can have at once before your want turns to your obsession. One s-s-s-(p)sycho is enough for the world.

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2. If all of your mutual friends’ funny tales about him end with him projectile puking dropping in his own mess, after excessive drinking you should seriously reconsider your infatuation.

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3. You don’t just have to be good enough for him, he should also fall well within your tolerance zone so that you can spend impossible amount of time with him without murdering him getting bored or regretting.

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4. Have a strong back up of your friends too. It will make things easier and fun.

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5. If you feel like punching your BFF’s boyfriend for treating her like sh*t, you shouldn’t let your BF either to do that to you.

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6. If you are tired hunting and waiting for someone to buy you a drink, it is probably a good idea to leave that place and go over to bowl or do something you love the next time.

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7. Stop worrying about they rejecting you for ridiculous reasons like being too short or too fat. For all you know you could have your own ridiculous reason for rejecting them.

If thou don’t liketh Bollywood movies, thou shall not be mine boyfriend.
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8. Be a tour guide to yourself and go to museums, galleries, concerts and even movies alone since you can do that without anyone trying to compromise for a game night.

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9. That’s a first date not your tryout for marriage alliance. So chill. Alternately, you can’t fall in love with this guy and marry him for dessert when you are still asking him what does he do for a living.

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10. You don’t need to counsel the guy if he tells you you’re too good for him. He’s either too damaged to be wanting to be mended or it’s the classic euphemism for ‘I’m not really that interested’.

So, pay the bill and leave.
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