10 reasons to date an engineer

Research says 6/10 eligible bachelors in India are engineers.
So, we’ve engineered a 10 point guide on why you should definitely date an engineer:
1. He’s Mr. Fix-it. A plumber-carpenter-electrician-computer repairman all in one.
2. It’s hard not to be turned on when he unleashes his video gaming skills.

3. He’ll know the best proxy sites for just about anything. 
4.  His office will hardly have any women. Goodbye jealousy! 
 5. He’ll do the Math for you. Without a calculator. 

6. He is used to all nighters. Late night phone calls FTW!
7.He is capable of solving your relationship problems with a datasheet.
8.He’ll patiently explain the tech jokes till you get them.
9.His attention to detail is not just limited to the resume.
10. He might have backlog papers in college, but there’s no second attempt when it comes to dating.
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