10 reasons to date a lawyer.

Let’s look beyond those steely eyes, fancy jargons and narcissistic perfectionists for a while. These legal eagles do have a little more than what really meets the eye.

Here’s advocating 10 reasons to date a lawyer:
1. It’s easy to pick clothes for them.
2. You’ll become Baazigar (argument harke jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hain)
3. His spontaneity will blow your mind.
4. He puts the ‘J’ in ‘Jugaad’.
5. You’ll start taking ‘Terms and Conditions’ more seriously.
6. You’ll get over Game of Thrones. And addicted to Boston Legal instead. Denny Crane!
7. He’ll even remember your mother’s sister’s brother in law’s uncle’s anniversary. #PerfectMemory
8. Open bars – enough said.
9. Go sue the world. Even cops are scared of lawyers.
10. Come on, everybody needs a lawyer at some point in life.

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P.S. Anything you say and do will be used against you in a court of law. featured image source

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