10 Reasons Why An Adventure Sports Enthusiast Guy Makes A Wonderful Date

Kayaking in a whirling and breathtakingly turbulent river or rope climbing on a seriously vertigo inducing cliff, is what that gives a rush to your boyfriend, congratulations, you are dating a guy who loves to keep his life at stake for any and every possible adventure sport. He is a person who fears nothing and always lives his life on the edge, sometimes quite literally! And though he gives you real scare and makes you worry for him (and even for your life more than a few times), you absolutely adore him. And these are all the reasons why so!

1. No date is ever boring with him. You find newer and exciting ways to spend your time together.

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2. He is not afraid of commitments. And even though if he gets a hiccup, he knows well enough how to overcome his worst fears.

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3. He is strong, healthy and clean (except for the dirt, grime, bruises and sweat of course.).

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4. He’s carefree in the most appealing way and knows his way to make you happy as well.

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5. He understands fears and anxieties and so will always be there to give his support throughout.

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6. Dating him takes you out of your comfort zone, pushes you sometimes but also makes you stronger and fearless in the bargain.

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7. You don’t ever need to look back at your gym again…. The constant trekking, hiking and mountaineering will take care of all that.

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8. He brings you your inner peace and connects you to nature…. This is the time when you two feel the closest without even having to utter a single word.; other than of course… Woooohhooooooo!!!

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9. He doesn’t like to lag behind or stay bound to anything he doesn’t like, so if he likes you to be around, he really does like you.

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10. And he truly understands the meaning of the word ‘space’. He likes his own and allows you yours, no questions asked.


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