10 Signs Which Indicate Its Time For You To Get Married

You know when is the right time to get married? No, it’s not when you reach 20+ and it’s not even when you have done your MBA. These are the signs that indicate you need to get married now.

1. The children in your colony have started calling you aunty or uncle. No, don’t think they are just kids. They smell it from far if you are old enough to be called one!

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If colony- aunties have started to look at you with pity in their eyes.

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If they have constantly been flooding your mother with photos of ‘suitable groom/brides’ and she in turn has been doing that with you.

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If you find your parents deep in discussion late into the night. Sweetheart, they are discussing what’s wrong with you?!!

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If all that you see on your Facebook wall these days is, pictures of your friends getting married or worse showing their proud-parent smiles!

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Everybody just doesn’t have anything better to say to you than, “Shadi kab kar rahi/raha hai?”

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If whenever you want to hang out with your friends they tell you apologetically how they have plans with their spouses.

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Or worse, each time they come, their spouses tag along too.

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If your married friends have been too eager to hook you up with their friends. Ugghhhh… Thank you so much… but no thanks!

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If people have been too curious to know your age; ‘just for general knowledge’!

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If you have or are about to hit thirty and really aren’t against marriage.

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If you love kids and wish to have your own someday… Biological clock is ticking.. tick.. tick.. tick..

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If you hear that song, “Om mangalam, mangalam…”; constantly and annoyingly ringing over and over in your mind.

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  1. This might be the worst article on Internet.. Seriously the one who wrote this, God help that poor soul. All these reasons above are so naive.. And misleading.. Marry because neighborhood aunties are giving you pity looks? I mean are you serious? Marry because of a Neighborhood aunty giving me Fucking Pity Looks? -_-
    God.. When will the viewpoint of society and retards like this writer, will change? One should marry only when he/she feels that he/she can take responsibility that comes along with marriage..

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