10 Smooth Tactics To Flirt With Your Crush Online

Flirting face to face is not everyone’s cup of tea nor coffee. But when you have a crush on someone you need to be a little flirtatious to get them to notice you. You don’t need to be too obvious and you don’t even need to churn out some lame pick up lines which trust us, hardly work on anyone. However, you can still be on their mind with a little flirting that’s oh so subtle yet powerful, right from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to technology, this is very much possible. Try out these super smooth ways now by which you can flirt with your crush harmlessly online, and embed yourself in their minds.

1. Notice things about them and be vocal about it.

When you see your crush online you can send them a message telling them how you liked their shirt or something funny and charming like ‘I saw you downing coffee like it was water. Perhaps the steaming cuppa is also cold in front of you.’ Such statements not only tell them you are  into them but also let them know you paid attention.

2. Keep them updated of happenings in their interest zone.

Do a little harmless stalking of your crush’s online profile and find out their passions and likes. A quick Google search can give you all the news about their favorite band or celeb. You can send their new song or a latest picture that you think, they might have missed.

3. Keep your likes in check.

Posting likes on their pictures or status is a good idea to make your name cross their mind. But unless you want to be labelled a psycho stalker, keep your liking binges to a limit even if your crush may be looking cute as hell in that picture taken 3 years back.

4. Leave interesting comments too.

Don’t be afraid to comment on the pictures either. Notice the finer details in the photo and ask something that may guarantee a response than just a ‘thank you’ or a like on your comment. Be specific like, ‘So you too are a fan of mocha?’ or ‘Hey, that’s a great phone case. Where did you get it from?’

5. Keep up the air of mystery around yourself.

Even though you maybe dying inside to, don’t reply them immediately when they send you a response. Wait for a couple of minutes and think about your reply thoroughly before sending it. Also, keep in mind to send them some vague replies too instead of detailed ones. So, if they ask you what are you doing tonight don’t send them the route map to the pub you maybe hanging out at with your friends but just tell them you’ll be out.

6. Post, tag and time stamp your photos together.

Don’t feel shy to post your photos with them, online. Let everyone know what a great time you had together. This will remind them of what a great company you were every time someone likes or comments on those pics.

7. Don’t be afraid to have different opinions.

Having opposite thoughts on something gives rise to interesting conversation besides making you seem attractive and smart too, given of course you have some well established ground for your opinion. You can have friendly argument over, say, who’s worse, Geoffery or Cersei and give supporting points to prove your side. It’s on you now to casually agree or disagree or take the charmer’s route and let your crush win.

8. Let your status subtly speak of them.

Like we even need to stress it; ‘Don’t be too deliberate with tagging them or using their name in your status’. Simply hint on the topic that you may have discussed together before or any subtle reminder of the time you spent together. Like if a certain song was playing in the background when you two met, you can post a YouTube video of that or can put a quote as your status, that you discussed or argued upon earlier.

9. Etch yourself in their mind.

Remember to be everywhere wherever your crush has an account on the social media network but don’t flood them with your messages, tweets and mails unless you permanently want to be blocked and kicked out of their mind forever. Notice and keep your self updated on all the fronts and reply accordingly but sparingly. If you sent them a mail today, send a tweet a day or two after. The idea is to register yourself in their subconscious.

10. Make your crush miss you.

Yes you read it correctly. Being too available and in reach all the time makes you lose your attraction. Make a point to sometimes, not reply to them for a while. And if you know them to have checked out of a place by a certain time, make a post letting everyone know, you had been in the same place your crush had been. If your crush reacts to tell you they missed you by an hour, you could tell them to have had texted you before. Or if they don’t, trust you common friends to assume you were there together and tease your crush into believing they might like you! Smooth!!
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  1. Hi , my name is Aman . And I want to ask you something. I m 12th and I have a huge crush on my neighbour (she is in 11th). I want to ask her to come and hangout with for some time so she can understand me . But the problem is I don’t know how to ask her??? Can you help me?

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