10 Things Guys Do When Their Girlfriend’s Out Of Town

When the cat’s away the mice will play. Something along that line also fits perfectly to the situation where the girlfriend is out for a vacation or tour out of city and the guy has all the time and space for himself. That is precisely the time when they feel they are all mighty! Let’s check out what are all those things that get the guys excited when their girls go out of the town.

1. If there’s a weekend during her vacation….. Sleep! Sleep! Oh dear sleeeeeepppp!!

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2. Freedom from constantly having to chat with her. Thank God she’s busy visiting old ruins and and getting suntanned.


3. Party hard!!! Such freedom deserves an all night-er.

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4. Now that your time is your own, invite your friends over just so you can bust your buddies’ a**es or vice versa in FIFA or IGI.

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5. Or horde on watching porn back to back. There’s something magical about it when your gf outta sight, outta mind.

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6. Sleep early cuz she’ll herself be tired as hell with all the tourist-ing and would better like to sleep than call you.

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7. And even if she isn’t and gives you a call, you can pretend you couldn’t hear her voice properly… After all, roaming par network na mil pana aam hai… Isn’t it baby?

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8. Watch an action flick in the theater than the usual no brainer rom-com.

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9. You are back to those nauseating bets with your friends that you won’t shave or take a bath for 4 days in a row (or until she returns ūüėČ )…. Because you know, you can.

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10. But ultimately when you have worn out of all the awesome stuff you could do when she’s away, you start missing her and a mental countdown begins till the day she gets back. Awww….

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