10 Things That Prove She's Madly Into You

Girls are complex creatures. It’s really hard to get inside their heads and understand what’s going on there. Although, there are some signs that definitely tell you when they have fallen for you; only you need to know what are they and look out for them. So, what are these signs that tell you she’s actually and madly into you? Let’s find out.

1. You will suddenly find yourself bumping into her all the the time.

image source/ Dharma Productions

2. She’ll turn Martian green every time you talk to an another girl.

image source/ Eros Entertainment

3. You will be getting all kinds of happy wishes and small gifts on the lines of ‘I was just passing through this store and remembered you..’.

image source/ AA Films

4. All your tinier than tiniest details will be fairly noted and brought up when you are talking to her.

image source/ PVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company -MAD Entertainment Ltd.- Eros International

5. Your call will be picked up at the first ring and text replied within the first 5 seconds.

image source

6. You will get a lot of likes from her on Facebook. Even on those pictures you posted 2 years back.

image source/ Fox Star Studios- 20th Century Fox 

7. She’ll be all dolled up whenever you are hanging out even if it’s just to get an ice-cream in the neighborhood.

image source

8. Suddenly a lot of interests and even habits will be matching between the two of you.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

9. She’ll always be free to even to wait with you while his mom get’s her teeth tended to at the dentist. Lest do you know, she just called in sick at work.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

10. She laughs on your jokes or not so jokes…a lot…!

image source/ Sohail Khan Productions- K. Sera Sera / Featured Image Source/ Dharma Productions
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