10 Things That Make It So Great To Date An Independent Woman

There’s something about a free thinking, confident and independent woman that makes her so attractive to men. Such a woman is not dependent on anybody for anything. She is perfectly happy as a single and doesn’t need a guy to complete or support her. But when love calls and she wants to be with a guy whom she truly respects… she is there with him not because she has to but because she chooses to. And it’s really great and amazing to date her precisely for that.

1. She is more fun than a big ball of cotton candy or a ride on the giant wheel.

And this is so because she is so comfortable in her skin. No day will pass by dull, when the adventurous girl is there to always keep you up on your toes.
image source/ Yash Raj Films

2. No insecurity about her.

The next time she ‘catches’ you hanging out with one of your female colleague, don’t get threatened… She actually just happened to spot you and genuinely stopped by only to say hello.
image source/ Eros International

3. She’s simple.

When you find her musing over something and she simply replies ‘I’m okay’ to your question. Trust her. She means it.
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4. She likes to run her errands herself.

Even if that’s paying a bill or changing a flat tyre, give yourself a rest… the super girl is already on work.
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5. You will get all the time in the world for yourself and your hobbies.

She likes to have her own, so she’ll never bite you if you didn’t meet her for lunch because you were busy jamming with your college buddies.
image source/ Reliance Big Pictures

6. She knows herself well.

When you compliment her on her new look, she’ll humbly say thank you rather than whining how big a liar you are or fretting over her not so perfect nose!
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7. She won’t ask you to tag along her to every party and event she goes to.

She is fully at ease to be on her own. So, enjoy the game at home and save yourself from a boring office party.
image source/ Yash Raj Films

8. You don’t need to be her bodyguard and drive her around nor do you need to check on her safety all the time.

Yes, being her bf you must be concerned for her, but breathe in the fact that she is a smart woman and can get around the town herself without getting in trouble.
image source/ AA Films

9. She is completely into you when she is with you.

Being a confident and independent woman she may not need you but she definitely wants you and that’s why she’s around.
image source/ Yash Raj Films

10. You can be assured you have ample of time to take things slow.

She is not harassed. If you do love her, she knows you’re there to stay.
image source/ Fox Star Studios/20th Century Fox
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