10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Girl Who’s A Health Freak

If you are into someone who’s a health freak, watch out, it’s not easy to woo her. Especially if you tend to snack on anything stocked in your fridge.

1. More than often you’ll find her in her typical messy hair and sweaty tees

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2. She’ll always be angry because she’ll always be hungry and you need to deal with that.

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3. And for the same reason don’t ever make fun of her numerous Tupperware(s).

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4. That excitement while shopping at a health food store.


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5. Accept the fact that gym comes before chilling on a Friday

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6. She’s off fats, carbs and everything remotely yummy so don’t push her to go out for a pizza. And no, diet soda won’t do either.

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7. Surprise her by cooking her favourite low-cal meal.

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8. But if it’s her rest day, congrats! You get to go out on a date night. But better choose the restaurant carefully, for anything with ‘extra cheese’ on the menu or ‘fried’ in their name itself, isn’t going to be a good option.

Keep her away from foodie temptation and she’ll keep you closer.
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9. You don’t have to be a fitness freak yourself but you definitely shouldn’t be a jerk about her being that either. Respect her, encourage her and appreciate her efforts.

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10. And hey! Take those freebie health tips while you are with her! 😉

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