10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Travelbuff

1. Don’t be afraid to think where you will find yourself next.

One day it could be watching sunset in Sahara and at another you could be deep sea diving in Spain. So, be ready to face all situations. Things can go intense and trying.
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2. Be ready to give it all a try.

Avid travellers love to imbibe in all. Whatever place they visit, they want to try the local stuff, food, culture, clothes, dance…the list goes on. So, you need to be equally adventurous yourself. Now, don’t say you won’t try their frog delicacy. JK. Better make that rule even before you set out on the trip.
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3. You don’t need to worry about how you look.

It is not the looks that matter to him that much as your willingness to absorb the fun.
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4. Always be prepared to tick more items off your bucket list.

It could be jumping off a cliff in water, cooking your dinner in a cave or camping in the middle of a desert. Never shy away from trying new things.
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5. Don’t panic if you get lost.

If you are already breathing in gasps, relax! Getting a bit lost and finding your way out is a part of a travel buff’s life. All you need is to learn the art of inhaling and exhaling deep to relax in times like these and be equipped with all the necessary gadgets.
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6. Think adventurous not just romantic for special occasions.

How about spending the night under a starry sky tucked in your sleeping bag or taking a river raft to dine with the fireflies? Your travel buff beau would love you even more for it.
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7. Be spontaneous.

Don’t hesitate to make sudden plans, take unexpected roads and explore untamed lands. Anything can happen any time and you need to always remain geared up, say, keep a travel bag ready at all times.
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8. Learn from your mistakes.

When you are with a traveller, the first thing you learn is to loosen up and pardon your own mistakes. And secondly and most importantly, you start learning from them. No trip can be perfect but how to level the imperfections is what your main focus should be.
How To Prep Yourself For Dating A Travelbuff
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9. Get out of your comfort zone.

Travelling isn’t easy and having a boyfriend whose struck with wanderlust, is even tougher. He’s not the average sleep-away-the-hours and play-video-games-all-day-long type of guy. So, be ready to spend the weekends too outside your comfy home.
How To Prep Yourself For Dating A Travelbuff
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10. Make your life a living memoir of shared experiences.

Nothing cements the bond of a couple better than sharing new experiences together. Travelling together is going to do just that; making your relationship stronger and bringing you closer. Be ready for all that love.
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