10 Tips To Dress Up For A Rainy Date

Monsoon season is perhaps the most romantic of all times. Adding colours to the drab weather is what’ll keep you fashionable while getting ready for your rainy date! Here’s some help!

1. Stay away from whites

Make it your golden rule if you don’t want your dress to look like it just had a mud bath.
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2. Add lots of bright colors.

Choose a dress in bright hues or even accessorize likewise. It’s the best way to add a colorful spark to the otherwise dull atmosphere and draw his undivided attention towards you too.
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3. Steer away from flowy dresses.

No maxi dresses, long skirts or trailing jackets. Go with those cute shorts, minis and caprees and see his eyes hooked on to you.
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4. Also, choose the fabric which is light and dries easily.

You don’t want to weigh a ton if you happen to get drenched in the rain. However, avoid anything that can go sheer with rain water.
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5. Put away all your metal and leather accessories and make rubber and plastic your friend of the season.

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6. Wear your hair in a bun or a nice braid.

Open hair=disaster much!
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7. Wear waterproof make-up.


8. Invest in a good umbrella.

There are lots of cute and peppy umbrellas available in the market to complement your outfit and protect you.
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9. A trench coat would be nice too.

Go with the classics. When shapely or belted, they look the most flattering on anybody. Carry a big waterproof bag with it and you are good to go.
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10. Go crazy over rain boots.

These cute little treats come in every color under the sun clouds. Find a pair that you love the most and take a walk hands in hands, in the rain!
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