10 Undeniable Signs Your Guy Best Friend Likes You

It is not hard to gauge a guy’s feelings for you if you know well what to look for. But if that guy is your best friend it can both be confusing and something that you can easily brush off as always, thinking he’s just being himself… crazy and stupid. However, if you have eyes for it, these are some undeniable signs that he really likes you and wants to romantically.

1. He always finds ways to be your partner in any task be it a project at work or a dance item you have to perform at your cousin’s wedding.

image source/ AA Films

2. He would always be ready to accompany you anywhere and even act as your personal chauffeur sometimes although not necessarily without showing some fake unwillingness.

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

3. He is always asking you to hang out with him when it is usually the other way around when you have guy friends.

UTV Motion Pictures

4. He teases you constantly about your hair or your dress. That’s a sign because he noticed! (And because guys are dumb enough to be mean to the one they like!)

image source/ Vinay Pictures

5. You catch him staring at you which follows by his hesitant looking away and again some more of those mean remarks.

image source

6. When out with your whole gang, he’ll always make sure he gets a seat right next to you and often close.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

7. He asks for your help! Now that’s a sure sign indeed when the usually know-it-all guy calls out for help be it anything; say, how to make an omelette?!

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8. He remembers your birthday or anything that you may have said…proof.. he got you a gift too. Now who can pretend not knowing he likes you.

image source/ Dharma Productions- UTV Motion Pictures

9. He comes by any time you need him and listens to you patiently.

image source

10. He makes you laugh. Aww… he so likes you!

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures/ Featured Image Source
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