10 Ways To Seem More Playful When On A Date

A date is always risky. You almost never have any idea how’s it going to go. Even if you put in great efforts, plan well and prepare in advance there’s no guarantee it will be a success or not. Most of the time it’s not the place or the person that you are that’s the culprit behind a sucky date but it could be the dull and boring time that your date and you have to put up with that’s really to blame.
A date needs two to tango, so if your date is not the easily miscible type, it’s you who needs to take it upon yourself to make the evening fun and thrilling for both of you if you don’t want to miss on a great gal. You need to be playful to break the ice and bring out the potential vibrancy in your date and your future relationship. So, here are some brilliant ways you can try and be more playful and appealing and save your date from becoming a dull affair.

1. Take The Road To Fun-ville

There are a lot of places where couples can indulge in exciting activities. You can play paintball, go bowling, watch 3D movies or visit an amusement park. The idea is to make it a fun filled and interactive experience for both of you to enjoy.
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2. Fancy Your Whim

It’s nice to have everything planned and under your control but it’s even nicer to sometimes just let it go and be spontaneous. Going by a whim can result in the best night of your life or the worst but in either case, it will give you the opportunity to be led by your heart and try something fun in your time together…..meaning you sharing a thrilling adventure from the beginning.
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3. Crack Her Up

Everyone adores a person with a funny bone. So, try to keep the date from getting monotonous by spinning in a funny story or a line that you may have heard somewhere. Or share something hilarious out of your own life. After all, a laugh out of your date, is a sure sign of the date going good.
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4. Keep On Display Those Pearly-Whites

Keep that smile on at all times… Definitely not in a creepy way but yes definitely in a way to know you are having a good time. A happy face and a genuine smile is contagious, so your best bet to make your date happy and your evening cheerful too is by a smile indeed.
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5. Put That Blush On Her Cheeks

Aside from your goofy self you also need to show your playful side by adding a dash of colour to her cheeks with the little compliments you throw her way now and then. Don’t go overboard with praises but subtly compliment her for say her eyes or even her antics. It’s a great way to make her feel you notice and appreciate her.
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6. Get Flirty!

You don’t need to be a certified Romeo for getting flirtatious. Just by taking the name of your date in a sexy manner or slipping in a quip subtly hinting on the outcome of your date can also do wonders. All you need to do is listen carefully to her and make her feel admired and wanted.
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7. Give Her The Tease Treatment

Find something about her worth teasing her for, but in a playful and cheeky way. For instance, you can pull her leg about the way she looked at you like she was ready to flee when she saw you. But keep in mind to not take it too far and to put an immediate break if she seems to not like it.
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8. Keep It Feather Light

Keep the focus of your conversation on the happy and light topics of life like hobbies, travelling, movies or funny incidents; keeping away from anything that can get bumpy like politics or past relationships. All that you would be doing here is not manipulating but steering the conversation towards the brighter side of each of your lives.
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9. Prank N’ Roll

Playing a cute and harmless prank on her can fix you as the charming prankster and jump start the evening on a jovial note. However, you need to take care not to get too far and rile her up but be sweet and playful in your approach. For example, gift her a dirty (but not smelly) sock as a gift if she happens to be a Harry Potter fan and enjoy her awkward expressions before you reveal the bunch of roses for her, hidden on your back seat.
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10. Add Your Touch

Some people are extremely possessive about their personal space so you need to be very careful before touching them. You can try lending her a hand while she gets out of the car or leading her into a venue by putting your hand softly on her back. And if she doesn’t respond by landing a slap on your face, you can start breathing.
You can be braver and as the evening proceeds, ask her if you can hold her hand. And if she is positive in her response all through the evening of light touches and sweet flirting, you can up your charismatic quotient and gently brush her chin while exchanging good byes at the end of the date.
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