11 Digital Signs She’s Not Into You Any More

It sucks when you feel your girl is not that into you any more… But how do you know it? In this digital age when every happening in our lives is broadcast on social networking sites and apps, there are some signs that clearly indicate to you just that. Let’s find out what they are.

1. The picture that you took of both of you….she didn’t ask for it…. Not through Bluetooth, not through WhatsApp.. Not anything.

image source/ Balaji Motion Pictures

2. And when you sent it to her anyway… She didn’t make it her DP. Instead there’s the one with her cousin whom she absolutely hates.

image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

3. In fact she doesn’t take cute and cuddly couple pics with you for FB or anything any more.

image source

4. Her status doesn’t have unnecessary <3 <3 <3 (hearts) anymore nor does she tag you in any of her posts.

image source

5. She doesn’t even mention where is she and who’s she with when she’s out, hanging out with you. Although, she just posted ‘Out with Bruno buying dog biscuits. Feeling excited!’

image source

6. Her relationship status is hidden now… Can’t make it ‘single’ already, can she?

image source

7. She replies back to you in no less than 24 hours (or more), when you asked her, ‘Are you free tonight?’. Even when you saw the ‘blue ticks’ within a second of you sending the text!

image source

8. And even if the message you sent her is extensive, elaborate and deep… And it took you over 15 thoughtful minutes to draft it faultlessly, she replies back with a just a ‘smiley’.

image source

9. She repost’s every YouTube video you posted saying, ‘Just found it. Check it out. LOL’….. Even if you had originally found it… only an hour back.

image source

10. You have to literally remind her offline, of your Facebook event… To which, she goes on to confirm with a ‘maybe’.


11. She ‘likes’ your message on her wall when you’ve asked her a question. ‘Hey! Want to go out for a movie this weekend?’ Like.

image source
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