11 Most Stupid Things We All Do After A Break Up

OH dear! So, did you break up with your boyfriend last night? On phone?!! Ouch!! Well, at least you can get some help of what all not to do after a break up, from the experts (yes 🙁 ), who have illogically, and foolishly practiced these dumb steps over and over again; after each ‘ouch’ break up they had!

1. Eating tons of ice cream. I know at this time, ice cream is the sweetest and though cold, but not heartless like your idiot boyfriend! But sweety, eating that much of ice cream is not going to help you get him back nor any other guy either!!

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2. Watching a marathon of romantic Bollywood movies. As good as they may seem, Rahul and Prem are NOT REAL. You may watch them and weep but neither your bf (now, ex-bf) nor anyone in the future is going to be like them.

image source/ Reliance Entertainment

3. Checking the phone frantically for his call or message. No babe, he did not call or SMS you. NO, not even WhatsApp. There is a reason why phones ring when on ringer profile.

image source/ A.G. Nadiawala

4. Texting him pleas. Nooooooo…..!!! This is the single-most, saddest thing what you can do! Once you do it, there is no backing up. And definitely, you are going to regret it.

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5. Dialing his number and then hanging up. You may like to pretend that you did it by mistake, but sweetheart, we all have ‘Caller IDs’ now-a-days.  And well, he knows it too.

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6. Taking out his gifts and soaking them in tears. Oh dear girl…that’s not gonna help you. Trust me. That’s only going to make those pathetic musical greeting cards and cheesy stuffed toys soggy. Not to mention, making you remember that son of a gun more!

image source/ Yash Raj Films

7. Burning his gifts. I know, I know, this ‘bachpana’ is the trend now. But hey, that doesn’t help either. Why not keep those Fastrack sunglasses and Gucci perfumes, use them and every time you do, think what a loser; huhuhahahaha….!! 😉

image source/ Eros International

8. Wearing his jersey. One word….ewwwww…!!  Do you really want to wear that sweaty, smelly, hefty jersey?!! Your pretty LBDs and red stilettoes are silently crying in your cupboard!!

image source / Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

9. Going days without showering. Triple Ewwwwww!! Seriously gal? Are you trying to give your Ex a competition or his refrigerator that house 7 weeks old pizza?!!

image source/ Eros International

10. Not meeting with friends or taking their calls. Wow! So, you finally figured out the way to get back your Ex. It’s a revolution!!

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

11. Not leaving your home. Great planning. In case ‘He’ comes back in hopes of you taking a pity on him! C’mon yar…do yourself a favor and get that fresh air. You deserve it.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

And who knows, maybe you will find a keeper in that catch?!! 😉

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