11 Reasons Why It’s Truly Awesome To Date A Gujrati Girl

We know Gujrati’s for their mouth watering food, colorful clothes and amazing handicrafts. But there is much more to them than just that. They are one of the most polite people known and some of the smartest businessmen. The Gujju girls too make great companions owing to their sweet nature… So, if you too have a Gujju girlfriend, here’s why it’s so great to have her around.

1. They are world’s best chefs and great foodies themselves.

You will get to enjoy lip smacking food everyday; and not just thepla or undhiyu BTW; just name it and you’ll have it for dinner. And best part, you will have a true food lover to share it’s joy with you!
image source/ SLB Films

2. They are the best dancers to ever traverse the earth.

No, seriously. Ever seen a Gujju girl do garba on dhol beats? And not just that, she has those perfect dancing genes for perhaps all kinds of moves. She’ll blow your mind away that’s for sure.
image source/ Eros International

3. They are fiercely independent and ambitious.

So, no need to worry if you want to spend time with your gang. Plus she will be confident and earn her livelihood her herself, even if her dad can give her, her monthly salary as a weekly pocket money!
image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

4. They are great at bargaining.

She can be too tough when it comes to bargaining even if it maybe a ten rupee hair clip. And since she is all so much well versed with commerce, be assured she’ll not make your wallet weep. 😉
image source/ Eros International

5. They are witty.

There could be nothing in this world they do not have an apt answer to. Noway can you beat her in word play. Just try it once.
image source/ SLB Films

6. They are utterly stylish.

Gujju girls are born fashion designers, having a natural sense of good clothing. She can even give your wardrobe a complete makeover the need may be.
image source/ Dharma Productions

7. They are simply gorgeous.

Gujrati girls are blessed with best looks. The beautiful eyes and lovely hair are truly to die for.
image source/ Eros International

8. They are totally family people.

Born and brought up in huge joint family herself, she knows the importance of relations. So, she will only be too happy to mingle with your mom and dad and give them the respect they deserve.
image source/ Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd- Sohail Khan Productions

9. They are generally green card holders.

Not that you must date them only for this reason but yes, it’s true that Gujratis are the most avid travellers. So, you don’t even have to wait for you H1 Visa if you have her by your side.
image source/ Yash Raj Films

10. They are lavish spenders….on weddings.

Probably the Gujrati dads are so business minded and make so much money only for this reason… to spend it all on his princess’s wedding. So, if you make it till here, know it, you’ll get a grand wedding ceremony.
image source/ Yash Raj Films
image sourceYash Raj Films

11. They are always fun to be with.

There is never a dull moment with a Gujju girl around. Always high on energy and fun quotient, she will always be ready to accompany you on all your adventures; in fact, even take you on her own! And she likes to talk a lot too so, you’ll never be bored!
image source/ SLB Films / Featured Image Source/ Eros International
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