11 Signs You Are Dating A Complete Jerk

It is said you have to kiss a dozen frogs before you find your prince charming. True, isn’t it? Given the number of jerks you get to date it must indeed be true. You may be beautiful, intelligent and an independent woman… Truly self assured. But still you must have had the bitter taste of dating a complete a**hole.

1. He hardly listens to what you are talking about and keeps looking at your bosom.

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2. He doesn’t even care if you notice him checking out other girls but in fact tells you how hot your waitress is.

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3. It always takes him hours to text you back and never takes your call the first time but definitely sticks to his phone even on a date with you.

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4. He only makes plans with you on the last minute probably because his friends are busy or he’s got nothing else to do a weekend.

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5. But totally becomes Mr. Jack Reacher when he’s out with his own buddies or travelling.

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6. He manages to forget his wallet every time you two go out.

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7. You have never met anybody from his personal life and he always waves off the idea of you both hanging out with his pals.

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8. Though, he feels too liberal to flirt with your girlfriends even if you’re standing right there.


9. You never feel appreciated by him even if you have spent hours getting yourself perfect for him starting from your exquisitely done hair to freshly French pedicured toe nails.

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10. But yes, he does give his honest opinion and criticism each time a certain dress’s making you look fat.

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11. And you’ve had enough times when he’s shown no interest or worse laughed in your face when you have told him about your dream to travel the world or your aspiration to become the best artist ever known.

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