11 Signs You Are Definitely Falling In Love ‘Again’

Break ups are difficult but what’s more difficult than that is falling in love again. Once you’ve been through the hell of a bad relationship, you of course become skeptic towards the whole concept of dating and your screening criteria becomes harder than that of an IAS exam. But who knows what awaits for you in the future?!! There is always the possibility of a second crush… And before you even know it, you’re falling in love again. Now, these are what are the proofs to that.

1. You are over your grief period and seriously started feeling embarrassed how you acted out (And for whom?!! Gosh!).

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2. Your mind calculated every odd and has practically decided this one’s not like your ex.

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3. Although, you gave yourself lots of reasons to not like him, you like him anyway and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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4. Your self pity time is over and you are actually feeling your self with him again.

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5. You don’t burst out whining at the empty coffee jar but have started making fun of your stupid forgetful nature. P.S. Now’s the time to call him to go have a cup of coffee together.

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6. You are not only past your no-bath-for-6-days-in-a-row phase but also, make sure you look your best when you’re with him!

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7. You laugh at his jokes while your mind is feverishly at work, hoping there’s something more behind it.

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8. All the fresh crush feelings are back and you want to see him more and more despite chanting the mantra ‘Not so fast’ over and over again!

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9. The butterflies are back home in your stomach….. And have even started their ‘creating havoc’ business, every time he gives you that smile.

image source/ Dharma Productions

10. You have practically forgotten your ex but definitely think of this guy, last when you go to bed and first when you wake up.

image source/ T-Series Films- M M Films

11. You’ve even forgiven your ex… Okay maybe not.. but definitely stopped clenching your fists or gritting your teeth every time his topic comes up;


Instead your mind quickly rushes to this guy and you blush at the very thought of him.

image source/ SLB Films / Featured Image Source/ T-Series
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