11 Silly But True Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Better Than Any BF

You may or may not be in a relationship but every girl all over the world truly knows, no guy can ever replace her BFF. Her best is the best thing to happen to her, even more than her SO and she has all the reasons to back it up….

1. You don’t need to dress up every time you have to see her.

image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

2. She listens to you….actually ‘listen’ and not the ‘selective listening’ shit your beau does.

image source/ PVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company- MAD Entertainment Ltd.- Eros International

3. You can just lay around doing absolutely nothing and not have to cuddle or be touchy-feel all the time.

image source/ Eros International

4. You can discuss PMS and hot guys. Period.

image source/ Aamir Khan Productions- Excel Entertainment

5. You don’t need to watch the dumb matches or defense documentaries with her. She will always be there to enjoy the lifestyle shows with you.

Eros International

6. You can eat a whole packet of French fries over a jumbo sized grilled cheese sandwich and not think twice. Or go hogging gol gappe with her even if it’s the 5th day in a row!

Yash Raj Films

7. Your BFF will always answer you honestly unlike the freak out dance your SO does on being asked ‘How do I look in this?’.

image source/ Eros International

8. Ever saw your bf’s face light up like this on hearing the word ‘shopping’?!! Well, she’s always up for it!

image source/ Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

9. Unlike the lame comments and judgement he throws your ways, she’ll sigh over with you on the cute puppy images you send her.

image source/ PVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company- MAD Entertainment Ltd.- Eros International

10. She never accept if someone is cheating you and tells you immediately.

Dharma Productions

11. But if you do mess it up… She’s always there to back you up and just hug you so everything be all right.

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