11 Struggles You Face When You Are Often Mistaken For Flirting

Flirting is an art they say. Do it right and you may win the heart of a person you like but get it wrong and be sure that the same person will always have an important meeting on each time you call him/her to get a cup of coffee. So, when such a rare and rather desired art is what your second nature you of course have a reason to rejoice. But often, when you are almost unaware you are even attempting to flirt but are actually only being friendly, it really gets too annoying for you when blamed to be born flirtatious!

1. They can’t believe you can compliment them on a nice shirt just like that.

Telling them the color of the shirt is nice…?!! What a sin! You are definitely hitting on them!
image source/ Sony Pictures- Meteor Pictures

2. Your confidence is taken as an attitude.

Isn’t wearing your biggest smile all the time also stand for being friendly or let’s just say, happy?!!
image source/ Eros International

3. And your wit as an attempt to play hard to get.

Wait a minute, what would you say if I giggled like a kitten then? I’m being too easy to get?
image source/ Dharma Productions- ShowMan Pictures- Yash Raj Films

4. You have heard a fair number of ‘I love you(s)’ from your friends of opposite sex.

Yikes!! Not again.  Please don’t mess our friendship up!!
image source/ Eros International

5. People often ask you how are you single till now.

It will be in the morning papers. Do read it to get all your answers.
Dharma Production

6. Or if you are already in a relationship they instantly become judgemental.

Haww… You are totally cheating on your bf/gf!
image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

7. You are labelled to be flirtatious and assumed you flirt with anyone and everyone.

Oh yes, the fact that I am friendly with a boy, it means I want him baddddddd!
image source/ Yash Raj Films

8. You are always getting stuck in the situations where a stranger just can’t stop talking to you even if you have had.

Does smiling vacantly, turning away and putting my earphones on don’t mean anything to you?
image source/ Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.

9. You constantly find yourself saying ‘I was just being nice’.

Maybe I should record it and play it every time someone claims I asked them for ‘a cup of coffee sometime’ because I’m flirting.

10. And must probably print ‘I wasn’t flirting’ on your tee, given the times you have to say it in a day.

Or maybe tattoo it on my forehead?
Eros International

11. Although even if you are flirting it doesn’t have to be taken as asking them out… Don’t they know, a little flirting is good for health.

Or did I just totally make that up? 😉
image source/ Eros International/ Featured Image Source
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