11 Things All Couples Are Sick Of Hearing From Their Single Friends

Many a times the people who are in a relationship get too annoyed at the actions and words of their single friends. They may not think much of it but some of their complaints or whining is actually way too irritating for the couples to handle. So, here is a list of all those irksome things that our single friends say knowingly or unknowingly that just ticks the couples off!

1. Asking for help all the time to set you ‘too’ with someone!

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2. Ridiculing Valentine’s Day and all the little unsaid traditions associated with it.

source: tumbler

3. Or making fun of the cute gifts, gestures or their special dinner plans.

Eros International

4. Calling themselves the third wheel all the time.

image source/ Eros International

5. And complaining how utterly single they are.

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6. Always treating couples as a ‘buy one get one free’ combo pack than as individuals.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

7. Calling couples as needy or assuming them to be incapable of doing anything as independent individuals.

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8. Assuming the couples would always know about the whereabouts and plans of their partners.

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9. Or that not informing about an all girls’ or all boys’ plans assuming they would be rather like to spend the time together.

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10. Freaking out or getting disgusted at PDA even if that’s just a hug or holding of hands.

image source/ Reliance Entertainment

11. Making pretentious couple jokes.  Enough said.

image source/ Reliance Pictures
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