11 Times You Felt How Great It Is To Date Your Opposite

Have you ever thought why opposites attract? It is a thing, though not so much known as to why so, but one thing is for sure, if you had to date somebody exactly like you it would not only be extremely boring but also awfully disastrous. Just imagine dating yourself, and you’ll know it’s true. ūüėČ
So, if you spared the self-pity of dating somebody like you and ventured into dating a totally amazing opposite guy, here is why you just can’t stop thanking yourself enough!

1. The time when he lit his mobile’s torch instead of candles to blow out as you cut your birthday cake.

Unique solutions you couldn’t even have imagined, to your problems.
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2. When you spent the whole night dancing with a bunch of his tattooed friends instead of your cocktails and dinner ones, and had the time of your life.

You get to make friends with his totally different ones meaning widened circle and increased fun.
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3. When you tried the sushi platter when you only trusted pizza when it came to world cuisine.

You get to explore different genres be it places, music or food.
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4. When he told you, you rub your nose every time you are upset.

He is your best critic and would tell you things about yourself that you may not have given a thought ever before.
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5. The time¬†she took you undersea diving, when you like to keep your feet dry on land… but surprisingly loved every bit of it.

When she’s so different from you life becomes¬†very interesting trying out different ways to enjoy¬†with each other.
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6. The day when you lost a game to him but defeated him in an omelette making competition.

You will be judged less and be less judgemental.
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7. When she surprised you with cute potted flowers on your window sill to brighten up your room.

There will be newer and different ways to surprise and care for each other.
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8. The summer you went for a trip in the mountains when you love the beaches.

You’ll be a better person, accepting others, their differences, learning to compromise and accepting your own low points.
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9. The time when both of yours’ parents met and there was scene to behold with your reserved and tradition overdosed amma appa¬†and his over talkative and modern mom and dad.

With the children so different, families are different too…..so meetings are sure to get all the more interesting.
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10. The lovely evenings you just get to carry on with your scrap book hobby when he is off with his pals bowling and stuff.

You earn yourself more free time when he’s off to pursue an interest you don’t have any in.
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11. The numerous times when you feel all tingly and warm only because he does something really sweet and loving for you….maybe making just a cup of tea when he doesn’t even know how to.

He makes you feel very special since you too are very different from him..
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