11 Disasters Shy People Call Flirting

Flirting is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some proudly wear it as their badge be it on a date or anywhere that they be… While others just can barely meet eyes of their date let alone ‘How you doing’ them…! It becomes an even bigger problem when when you are born shy. So, read on to to find out the awkward, rather disastrous tactics a shy guy uses to flirt with their crush.

1. Approaching your crush alone is like a war to win for you.

After about 73 times of failed attempts when you send them that awkward ‘hi’… it return gifts you with another 73 sleepless nights.
image source/ Yash Raj Films

2. Staring in your date’s line and as soon as eye contact is made, look away.

Only to repeat the process on an endless loop till your date cuts in making your tongue tied up in your throat and your armpits flooding like Bengal sorrow.
image source/ Reliance Big Pictures

3. Gathering yourself in, into practically a foetal position of a grown up man directing your feet and hands in for maximum protection.

Or maybe in hopes the date will take a pity on the poor baby and give birth to conversation herself.

4. Opening your mouth to say something nice about your date but finding yourself making fun of her weird hairstyle instead.


5. Asking illogical questions that make no sense or have any correlation to your date or anything sane at all, just to keep the conversation going.

You know if Pikachu was here what would it say? (By the way the answer is….Pika Pi.)
image source

6. And so not even your jokes make any sense to your date ever.

image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

7. Trying to be smooth and inconspicuous but ending up giving lamest compliments possible.

You know your eyes are out? Maybe that’s why they look so big. *True Story*

8. And being equally pathetic at receiving one yourself.

Your Date: Your shirt is nice.
You: The red one I have at home is nice.
image source/ Reliance Entertainment

9. But somehow being too fast forward and a smooth flirter in your virtual avatar.

“Hey it was a great date. And a million thanks to you beautiful, dazzling smile. I needed it to keep myself awake all night so I could finish off this project.”
image source

10. Even the comments and likes on Facebook or sending them a romantic (or sexy) song lie in your area of expertise when it comes to flirting online.

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

11. But when there comes the time for an another one-on-one date, welcome back that god-awful awkward smile.

Smile is a safe bet. After all, it could be meant for anybody. The old lady with a stick, the baby in the stroller or the bald guy at the cash counter. So, if (even if it’s true) she thinks it was meant for her, maybe she’s too full of herself!
T-Series- Eros International/ Featured Image Source
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