12 Bahanas You Make To Remain Blissfully Single.

Guest post by Madhavi Rao
Being in a relationship is like a double-edged sword. You experience what can rightly be called as the most beautiful and loving moments while at the same time it makes your life a bit complicated and a lot obligatory. And that is the precise reason why you are so afraid of being in a relationship. Or perhaps you are just a pathetic single who badly wants to taste ‘Loooove’ but comes up with all kinds of bahanas (excuses) to justify and remain single as hell. Because you know what they say, grapes are sour! ;) Hats off!

Bahana #1

Girlfriend means kharcha! You would rather like to save up the money to buy a new iPhone each month than to throw it away on chocolates and roses for her. Duh!
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Bahana #2

Who’s got the f***ing time for all this shit? Engineering koi halwa hai kya?
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Bahana #3

Girlfriend is a biiiig hindrance in your career plans. Ek bar career set ho jane de bhai, fir toh ladkiyon ki line lag jaegi.
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Bahana #4

You don’t want a tab on you like you’re some criminal. Kahan ja rhi ho, kisse mil rhi ho, kab tak aaogi..God!! Give me a break! Your parents are enough for this torture.
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Bahana #5

Answering and asking ‘khana khaya’, ‘chii chii ki’ and blah blah each day is just not your cup of tea. Dude if I had wanted I would have won KBC. But I didn’t apply cuz I hate the game of 20 questions. What makes you think I’ll give in now?
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Bahana #6

Kyuki har ek dost zaruri hota hai. You don’t want to give up on your friendship by getting all your f***ing time devoured by your beau. Space is a huge thing.
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Bahana #7

Because really, what is mine is none of anybody’s goddamn business. And you heard they even share their toothbrush!! Ugghh!! Vomit alert!
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Bahana #8

You would love to tuck in your bed and fall asleep ASAP and that too whenever you want. Even at 8 PM. Phone par raat-raat bhar jaag kar ullu banna mere bass ki baat nahin hai.
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Bahana #9

You like your time to yourself. Getting up late, spending your entire day lazing and pigging around in front of the idiot box would be your choice rather than to move your a** even on weekends to meet your bae. Uff you can’t beg, ye sunday mujhe de de Thakur.
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Bahana #10

Because simple.. you are a human and not an elephant. Neither do you have a computer se bhi tez chalne wala dimag.. You would rather not make any shitworthy memorable moment and get a panic attack each morning trying to remember what’s so special about today!
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Bahana #11

You would have Khali’s punch in your face than roz roz ka emotional drama and koochi koo talks! Seriously, total siyappa!
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Bahana #12

You would date, in fact you would have.., But anybody below the scale of Katrina Kaif or Hrithik Roshan respectively, is not worth a ride on your father’s old Vespa, leave alone your bagal wali seat! ;)
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