12 Questions Men Wrongly Become Too Comfortable To Ask In A Long Time Relationship

With time relationships get matured. The drunk butterflies finally get over their hangover and settle down. And it’s not a bad thing at all. You are more comfortable with each other and so the bond is much stronger with far more sense of security and trust between you two. But what sucks ,is when the guy becomes too comfortable and doesn’t refrain from asking even these really irksome and annoying questions.

1. “Have put on weight?”

Excuse me?!!
comfy-1-srk-fat-making-face-tease-funny (1)
image source/ Yash Raj Films

2. “Are you really going to eat all of that?”

I have an appetite. So, what?!!
image source

3. “You’ll be wearing that?” Hello?!!

Are you questioning my style?! Beware!
image source

4. “Your friend looked great at the party, didn’t she?”

Crossing that line!
image source/ Fox Star Studios- 20th Century Fox 

5. “Oh boy! Isn’t that perfume that you’re wearing Angel? My ex used to wear it all the time”

You are dead!
image source/ Reliance Entertainment

6. “What did you do to your hair?”

You mean made them prettier, right?
image source/ Eros International

7. “Hey, don’t you need to wax?”

image source/ Eros International

8. “Babe, could you take care of the bill this time?”

It’s okay to pay.. But not been asked to! Gosh!
image source/ Eros International

9. *Burping or farting* “I’m sorry. Do you mind?”

Of course I do! It’s disgusting!
13 Questions That Men Wrongly Become Too Comfortable To Ask When In A Long Time Relationship
image source/ Balaji Motion Pictures

10. “So, honey what do you want for your b’day?”

A surprise would be nice, thank you.
image source

11. “Is it your that time of the month? You ok?”

Uuhhh…. Please don’t.
image source/ Eros International

12. “Hey babe I have like 12-14 of your missed calls. Did you call?”

Nope, my phone was getting bored so started playing ‘dial-dial’..
13 Questions That Men Wrongly Become Too Comfortable To Ask When In A Long Time Relationship
image source/ Eros International- Nadiawala Grandsons Prroduction/ featured image source:idiva.com

Can you think of any more your guy may have asked you? Do let us know.

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