12 Reasons That Make The Girl Of Your Dreams Freak Out

All guys think alike. Not just in the dirty terms, but even when it comes to genuinely liking a girl, they all do some really alarming things that may very well let your girl run screaming away from you! If you really, actual mein like this girl, please refrain from doing all this immediately, or else feel free…..
image source/ Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.

1. Stalk her Facebook account. Check out each and every pic she uploaded of herself, her dog and even her cute nail paint. Like every one of them and don’t forget to comment on each of them.  Pretty please. 🙂

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2. Stalk her the ol’ way. Yeah do it. A girl digs nothing than her own personal stalker who would follow her everywhere, her college, her grocery shop and even parlor. Think I am in love already.

 image source / Dharma Production

3. Text her like there is no other next day. The moment she wakes up in the morning let at least a century of your SMS’s and  WhatsApp messages greet her Good Morning.


 image source

4. Just  ‘ Hi ’, ‘ What’s up ’, ‘ How are you? ’, ‘ Why aren’t you replying? ’ , ‘ Aren’t you alright? ’, ‘ Tell me where you are? I’m coming! ’, will also do the trick. Happy texting.


 image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

5. Or better still call her. A lot. Let her see your 20-25 missed calls (the least you can do). Nothing for a girl to know you are so concerned for a girl you just met.


 image source / Dharma Production

6. Poke her, ping her whenever you see her online on WhatsApp or start a chat with her whenever you see the green dot against her name on FB or GTalk.


 image source/ Eros International

7. The moment she takes your call or replies jump at the opportunity and ask her out for a movie. Boy she would love to snuggle beside a stranger in a darkened room for 2 hours.


 image source

8. Movie or not please DO NOT forget to ask her if she has a boyfriend ‘Already’ or not. She will get the sign without you actually saying anything. You are a genius.


 image source

9. If you (of course you will) get past all this and get to dinner or lunch together make sure you ask her about her views on marriage. Yeah that’s crucial.


 image source

10. Oh yeah! Don’t forget to ask her about her career plans. Planning to settle in another city or worse abroad? No. No.  She can’t do it. Tell her.


 image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

11. Feed her with your own hand. For a better finish…. Lick your finger after that or ask her to feed you too. OMG… SHE’s gonna propose!


 image source/ Eros International

12. Praise her for how beautiful she is precisely mentioning what all you liked in her, her lips, eyes….. you name the rest (at your own risk).

 image source/ Dharma Production /Featured Image Source/ ShowMan Pictures
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