12 Reasons Why It’s Really Great To Date A Short Girl

Chhota packet badaa dhamaka.
When they say this about the short girls, maybe it’s true. Guys love to date short girls. Why so, even they don’t know. It just happens. But this an intriguing question isn’t it? Well, we dug in and found out a few interesting things that are common to all short girls and guess that’s the reason why men love them so much!

1. She is adorable. let’s be honest. She is. Just look at her.

image source/ Rajshree Productions

2. Don’t we always find ourselves reading keep alive your inner child? Well hers is alive, well and always soaring high!

Ever saw how fondly she watches Shinchan online?
image source

3. One time she is cute and lovable like a little girl.

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

4. And at others she can be quite mature and fiercely independent woman.

image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

5. How does she ever manage to rock even those cute kiddie clothes with little rabbits or panda faces printed on them?! We’ll never know.

image source/ Y-Films

6. When she gets mad…!! It’s a run or get burnt to ashes situation..!

image source/ UTV Spotboy

7. But boy!! She looks too hot when she’s pissed off!

image source/ SLB Films

8. And when she is sad… Gosh! Can anyone have a more adorable ‘I’m a lost puppy’ face?

image source/ Yash Raj Films

9. Seems she never ages..! She could be 12 or 24, who can tell?

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

10. She feels so good to hug… like the soft teddy you used to hug and take with you everywhere you went as a child.

image source/ Dharma Productions

11. And you can lift her up and carry her to the bedroom whenever she falls asleep on the couch, without killing your back!

And actually give her those cutesy piggy back rides, without her feet sweeping the floor behind you.
image source/ AA Films

12. And, well… having a short gf has other practical advantages too.. you know.. Like lifting easily… and doing.. something… umm… like that video you saw…. umm.. hiding….

image source / Featured Image Source
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