12 Unique Reasons To Date A Girl Who Paints

An artist has many colors just like the canvas she pours out her heart on. As often perceived as moody, brooding and short- tempered, they are nothing like that. When you start dating that girl who loves to paint is only when you get to know what a colourful and soul she has. Here is a sneak peak into many of her uniquely attractive qualities.

1. She is one passionate soul. The fact that she fought the world to take the road hardly anyone takes, to do the one thing she truly loves is the proof.

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2. You may as well be her inspiration. Fancy your face on a canvas..?

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3. She is an ardent dreamer and believes in them making her one truly happy and optimistic being. She is someone that finds beauty in everything.

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4. She is extremely gifted and talented and makes sure you get equally creative and thoughtful gifts as well.

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5. But she is as much hard-working too having gone through the struggles of finding a niche for herself. This makes her someone who is tough and who will stand by you through thick and thin.

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6. She enjoys working at their own will so if you feel like taking an early off to catch a cup of coffee with her, she can always hop in.

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7. She has the most unique and creative solutions to everyday problems.

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8. Nothing is ever just scrap to her. She can create a masterpiece even with an egg carton and an old bottle leaving you awed and feeling proud of your talented girl.

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9. She is like a knowledge sponge soaking in new information, people and places allowing you never to be bored around her with her interesting tales.

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10. She is a free thinker and accepts things unprejudiced so there won’t be any judging even if you come up with the lamest excuse possible for skipping a date.

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11. Being with her widens your horizon as well and you start to take in the world around you with a fresh pair of eyes.


12. When you are with her you get to enjoy your own personal space too because she understands its importance well and truly worships her own.

image source/ Fox Searchlight Pictures
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