12 Ways To Get Rid Of The Baggage From Your Past Relationship

When a relationship ends, it doesn’t just leave a lot of spare time at your hand but also a frustrating trail of emotional scars as well. So, here are some ways you can remove that excess baggage effectively and move on with your life.

1. Place yourself in your new partner’s shoes.

Analyse how you would feel if they be comparing and judging you keeping their ex as the standard.

2. Make a list of all the nice people you have had in life.

It can be hard to trust anyone can be good but think about all the other people who love you and make a list of them, irrespective of what kind of relationship you share with them.

3. Take a break and do what you love for a while.

Better still, do something you have been avoiding when in the previous relationship.

4. Start a journal.

A bitter relationship forces you shut so to start sharing again, begin by sharing your thoughts openly with yourself.

5. Ask for help from a close friend.

They won’t judge you.

6. Or seek advise of a therapist.

There is no shame in asking for help to do good to yourself.

7. Go for closure.

Meet with your ex and sort out things if they were left unsaid and then part ways gracefully.

8. Be honest to your new partner.

Tell them how you have issues with your past and how you need time to get over them. They will understand and even help you to deal with it.

9. Listen to them.

If you think your emotional baggage is affecting your new relationship, be more attentive to what your bae has to say and try to work on those problems.

10. Let yourself loose.

You cannot control your partner or the situations. Come to terms with it and give them space to breathe.

11. Look at the brighter side.

Now’s the time to make all the Cons list about your past relationship and the Pros for your life now. You will automatically draw a sigh of relief.

12. Travel somewhere.

Go on a vacation, spend time with your friends and family and rejuvenate yourself. And promise yourself that when you will return back it will be a new day.
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