13 Definite Signs You Are Dating An IT Guy

1. You have absolutely no idea what he actually does for a living.

image source/ Base Industries Group

2. But you know it’s something cool and futuristic.

image source/ Eros International

3. Whenever he tells you about some work humor you automatically shut them out and mentally transfer to your Pinterest board.

*insert fake laugh*
image source

4. He has the coolest apps and gadgets at his disposal.

UTV Spot Boy- SKBH Productions

5. And sometimes some things, that you may not even have heard of before.

Hey! How did you get your hands on that cheese emoji?!!
image source

6. He spends a lot of time endlessly gawking at Iron Man posters, IGI Cds and graphic novels.

image source

7. You too get the coolest (but often the most useless) gifts falling in the same line.

Glasses with wipers! Gee… thanks. 
image source

8. He has the best possible work environment you are secretly jealous of.

Free snacks, recreation activities, in-house exhibitions, competitions and happy hours! Are you kiddding me?!!
Dharma Productions- Yash Raj Films

9. He has the nerdiest sense of flirting.

“Your wish is my Shift Command”.

10. He’s always online so you can always reach him no matter what.

The only matter is to choose your medium. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email, Snapchat… Phewww….!!!
image source

11. And can get all your Tech problems fixed pronto.

image source

12. He is as good at emotional stuff as SIRI at being your personal shrink.

image source

13. However, he has his own ways to show his love and care for you.

*Detangles your wires and buys you new pen drives* OMG! He loves you!!
image source/ Featured Image Source
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