13 Silly Reasons Why Girls Don’t Date Short Guys

I wish I could come down there to say hi, but I have a flight to catch. 
It may not have been given much thought that why this happens but it is a well known fact that tall girls don’t date short guys. It has been there since the times unknown. Maybe society’s stereotyped thinking that the guy should always be taller than a girl is somewhere responsible for it. But if you ponder a bit, you’ll understand there are far more and far dumber reasons for the tall girls not dating shorter guys. Let’s find out what are these anyway.

1. You feel like slouching all the time to match the heights. There’s always something troubling you unconsciously.

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2. You can’t and never wear heels with him around. And imagine getting all dressed up and pretty and not wearing your unchi sandal.. That’s just sad!!

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3. You feel too fat around him even though you’re not. Bet you would even be weighing more than him! Ouch!

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4. You are always worried you look too old and mature against him.

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5. You can’t get all cutey pie and tippy toe to kiss him!! Far too sad. All you can kiss him is like this…

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6. Neither can you rest your head on his chest and feel all loved and protected. Sigh!

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7. When you do say what the heck and wear your heels, you are always conscious people around are judging you as a couple and thinking your are totally mismatched.

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8. You secretly worry they may be making ‘stair and stool’ jokes about you two.

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9. Instead of enjoying your time together you are always looking at other short girls and feeling jealous of them when they are with their taller guys.

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10. Believing you will definitely crush him if you sit in his lap! Oh poor baby!

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11. None of your pictures together are good. You always feel you look like an ogre next to him.

image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures- Eros International

12. The fact that he may never be able to give you a piggy back ride or a carry you in his arms romantically.

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

13. You don’t want to look like his mother when holding his hand. Period.

image source/ Red Chillies Entertainment- Eros Internationa / Featured Image Source/ Yash Raj Films
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