13 Ways To Impress A Girl With Your Gentleman Moves

Girls can be found saying gentlemen are gone. With the world fiercely directed towards gender equality, it is of course a lost tradition for men to be chivalrous. Though the women too want their space and rights meeting shoulders with that of the men, there is a part of them that longs for the gentle treatment as well. After all, equality is one thing and being treated nicely is another. So, if you want to impress a girl you too need to have some of these basic and very essential gentlemanly ways in you even if you are that new age man. Widen your thinking but keep your antics sweet and desirable.

1. Open the door for her.

It is so chivalrous to do that when she is trying to manage her little dress to still look cute and decent while trying to land on her high heels which by the way are a hard nut to crack to walk in. So, be considerate and open the car door or the restaurant’s for her….And even pull out a chair.

2. Call her when you have told her you would give her a call.

It is one of the worst things of life to promise to call and then not. A real gentle man would never do that. Either don’t tell them you would or if you did call her! Trust me, nobody would think you are desperate or needy.

3. Don’t play games.

Don’t try to be something you are not. Trying to play cool and pretending you don’t care even if you liked her a lot, is not cool from any angle. Without beating about the bush, do tell her if you are into her.

4. Carry off the heavy packages.

Give her a hand in some work that she may be finding difficult like carry a heavy package for her that she may be holding. It will nail you as helpful and caring

5. Always speak politely.

Keep in mind to never curse or use indecent words while talking to her or anyone while around her. Being careful not to hurt people’s sentiments with your ill chosen words and even your pitch is both good manners and sensitive.

6. Offer seat to the needy.

While travelling by a public transport or anywhere required you must surely be concerned enough to offer your seat to the elderly, the physically challenged and pregnant ladies. It is unmistakably so thoughtful act that’s going to raise respect for you in her heart.

7. Don’t fib or make up stories.

Be what you are. Accept something that’s true without trying to be vague or telling white lies in order to make yourself look good or seem more interesting. The lies show on your face no mater how good an actor you may be and that’s undoubtedly a huge turn off. And then you wonder why she insisted so much to leave for home herself.

8. Listen to her intently while maintaining an eye contact.

It’s a golden rule for any date whatsoever. Never let your eyes wander off anywhere other than her own. First that would be too rude, second you’ll make her feel uninteresting and third you simply don’t want to let your eyes drop if you don’t want the coke to drop on your head. A perfect gentleman is keen and respects by listening to what his date is saying.

9. Refrain from obvious and imposing PDA at any cost.

Look for signs of she being open to light touches or not before you dive in head first and get yourself injured. Be gentle and try simple gestures like softly placing your hand on her back while escorting her into a venue or holding her hand when she responds positively.

10. Treat her with equality.

Be chivalrous but also treat her and the women folk by extension as your equal. Don’t ever set rules for men and women or think of their rights to be separate. Show her the respect she deserves  Your thinking would both be admired and appreciated.

11. Offer her a jacket if the weather gets chilly.

This may sound too cheesy and filmy but is truly a sweet and desired act.

12. Sweep her away to safety.

Same goes for when you happen to encounter a rowdy crowd; offer her a jacket if you see her getting uncomfortable in her skin. And then definitely steer her out of the scene and into a calm and safe place instead….Needless to state but indeed very important to leave out.

13. Make sure she gets home all well.

Without waiting unnecessarily in irrational fear of looking too needy, call or at least text her to inquire if she reached home safely. And that’s the simplest and perhaps the sweetest of gestures that would be the cherry on the top to make her heart flutter for you.
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