14 Enlightening Truths You Need To Know Before Dating A Bookworm

Book store dates, constant references to fictional characters, post book sob sessions- all these would sound familiar to you if you have the hots for your bookworm friend. There’s something about them when they drift away in their own fictional world, and then come back to reality with a start, isn’t it?
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You’ll always find her coffee table cramped with an enormous pile of books.
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Her idea of an exciting Friday night is to stay in bed, curled up with a book.
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She won’t be up for movies since wasting 3 hours in a dark hall watching people dance around trees is never better than raiding a bookshop for new arrivals. So, if she agrees to accompany you for a nonsensical movie, she likes you a lot.
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Brace yourself to be turned down for a late night date if the book she is reading is super exciting.
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No problem if you get late for a date. She would have a handy book in her bag to help her while away the time.
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You’ll never find her dull or at loss of words. She can respond appropriately to almost everything under the sun. You will be amazed how she has such a defined viewpoint for everything.
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Long hours of dwelling into poignant words of Kafka has made her deeply intellectual and smart. This complex and intelligent girl might actually be what you are seeking.
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Growing with the characters in her book, living their dreams, pains and happiness develops her emotional intelligence. She understands relationships much better than anyone else, and can empathize with you when you have a rough time.
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Delving into the minds and emotions of the complex characters of Faulkner and Fitzgerald, you won’t have to have ‘the talk’ with her. She is perfectly capable of reading between the lines.
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Reading is a great exercise for mind that makes her sharper, smarter and her memory stronger with each novel she picks up. She is never going to forget a birthday or anniversary… So, don’t you dare either.
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From the wonderful wonderland of Alice to the breath-taking chocolate factory of Willy Wonka and even the less fanciful but more intense plots are all the imagery of her creative mind. So, you can count her creative ability to plan a memorable trip with you or just to give you a surprise.
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She is well mannered and cultured, with her own ideals and well established beliefs. After all, some great books are a true reflection to her personality.
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You won’t have to mess with your brain cells or get sleepless nights to buy her the perfect gift. Books are her first love. Get her one of those and she’ll love you even more. Yes, she is that easy to please.
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She’s a charmer. Don’t you agree? Intelligence does turn one on.
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