14 Things Anybody Who Is Single Will Know To Be True

Being single can be tough, especially when all your friends may be in a relationship or are at least on the fence. It’s not that it’s a curse though. Even being a single girl or a single guy can be a lot of fun. But who is anybody to say that…?!! Some things can truly be understood only when you are too actually and hopelessly single.

1. All you see around you are couples. Snuggling couples, laughing couples, kissing couples….ugghh

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2. No matter whom you’re hanging out with, you always feel like you’re the third wheel.

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3. There could be no wedding where they won’t ask you ‘do you like anybody’?

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4. And when you say no… All the aunties will be hell bent to get you a match for your marriage!!

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5. Even your friends are no less.. Each one of them knows at least one candidate whom they think would be perfect for you and are always trying to set you up.

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6. Even on Facebook, all you can find are happy couple pictures or engagement or marriage announcements.

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7. Not even WhatsApp DP is left alone! Tell me, do you both share the same number?!! Gosh!

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8. People have actually told you about dating websites and you have even registered on them.


9. You often get amazed and grossed out at the green stuff on your mirror…. But that’s just you, jealous of your best bud’s status changed to ‘In a Relationship’. Shame on you!

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10. You have sworn to yourself, the next time you hear anybody repeat ‘Don’t worry. You’ll find someone soon’, you’ll punch him in the face.

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11. And you bet you will yell out loud the next time they tell you how lucky you are to have all your time to yourself!

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12. You have pretended your pillow to be your bae more than just a few times and cuddled up with it.

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13. Even watched rom-coms secretly and sighed and cried with them.

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14. But in the end it all comes down to you brushing off the fact of you being single, like you just don’t care. (But only when they ask you!)

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