14 Ways To Have An Attractive Online Dating Profile

World has grown with the internet fast settling in our lives and dominating almost every sphere of our daily lives, be it keeping in touch with our old school pals or shopping for a cool pair of sneakers online. Even finding a date online is not a fable any more. Online dating apps have made it possible for you to make real relationships online and it’s safer than ever before. Having said that, making your online dating profile can be really tricky especially if you’re new to it. So, here are some wonderful tips to make your profile stand out to increase your chances to find the most potential match for yourself!

1. Buddy to rescue.

Take help of your bestie to make your online dating profile. You may not believe it, but he/she actually knows you much more than you may yourself.
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2. Steer clear of clichés.

It’s good if you actually do like to watch the sunset alone… But what’s better is to avoid such cliché sounding lines and add something they haven’t just read on the last profile. Something, you may have a great conversation about.
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3. Rub thy friendly shoulder.

It’s no good for them if you’re a bookworm or love your morning cuppa. That’s just an another way of you telling them I like my lonely times. And so, if you don’t really enjoy being a loner, tell them the other things you like viz. concert hopping or watching movies, which they may enjoy participating in with you.

4. Say cheese!

Nothing is more enigmatic and attractive than a big and happy smile on your face…. Pssst.. Even more than a pout or your bursting biceps!
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5. Packed with action.

No don’t post your drunken feud memorabilia online… Rather, let them get a glimpse of your skill in action, say, you playing a melody on your guitar.
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6. Put on the silver lining.

Keep your office woes to yourself… Stay positive in your tone and let them know how happy and hopeful you are of yourself and your life.
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7. Honesty is the way to go.

No faking can get you anything. You can only hope to impress them with your elaborate tales but it will only get you as far. Just be yourself if you truly want someone to like you as you are and possibly have a long and happy relationship.
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8. Don’t beat about the bush.

Connect to the reader by talking of specific things like if you love travelling. Don’t just state that. You should tell them which is your favourite place to make you more tangible and alive to them.

9. Keep it fresh.

Updating your profile regularly with relevant and recent information will make it more appealing to them than what you did before 365 days !
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10. No childhood drama.

Don’t be a jerk and put up a picture from five years back because that’s when you had all your hair intact on your head. Don’t use a photo that’s more than a year old.
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11. Centre of attraction… But only in your photo.

It’s your dating profile, not your buddy’s, not the beautiful beach behind you, nor the cafe in which you are having coffee with a dozen other friends. Put up a photo that speaks of you as the prime focus. Here’s some more help in selecting that perfect profile picture!
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12. Grammar check.

Wrong spellings, ill-formed sentences and poor language… It’s one of the first put offs if not the only one.
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13. Short and sweet.

No body likes to read Ramayan and Mahabharat in name of your intro. So, keep it short and sweet.
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14. Funny side up.

Even if you are no stand up comedian, write something humorous and light… something that would let the people know they’ll have a great time with you.
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  1. If you want to find the date you always wanted, its a great idea that you should think about creating an interesting online dating profile. Thank you for taking time to share this with us.

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