15 Awesome and Affordable College Date Ideas

When in a college you are strictly on a budget. Any extra money you may have lying around you would want to spend on a fancy pair of branded sports shoes than splurge on a date. But still, you do want your dates to be both fun and unique. So here are 15 awesome yet affordable date ideas for you to take your college sweetheart on!

1. Take silly selfies in every famous spot of your campus.

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2. Watch a goofy, scary, romantic or even a terrible movie on your laptop together and then discuss it.

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3. Take a swim in the campus pool.

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4. Or play a game of tennis in the on-campus court.

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5. Make a simple food hamper of sandwiches etc. and have a small picnic in a quaint grassy spot of your college.

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6. Watch one of the many plays or dance shows that are regularly organised in your college’s auditorium.

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7. Cheer for your favorite team at an inter-department cricket or volleyball game.

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9. Take the advantage of your student pass and go to places in the city you may have never been to before.

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10. Plan a study eve for two at your home complete with all junk food to keep you company.

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11. Stroll through a park or rent a bike and enjoy the ride together.

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12.Visit a pet store or volunteer at an animal shelter.

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13. Head to the beach and build sandcastles, collect shells, bury each other in sand or watch the sunset together.

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14. Visit a zoo or a museum which are assuredly cheap and enjoy the day of leisure together.

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15. Invest some time in making a scavenger hunt and hide clues all over the campus, all finally leading to you.

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