15 Great Ideas For A Unique Date With Your Hubby

Once married you often miss the fun and excitement of a wondrous date with your ‘now’ husband.  May be not miss exactly but definitely find yourself at loss when it comes to thinking of newer ways to spend your evenings together than with just home cooked meal at your dining table and occasional take-outs or  movie and dinner combos. Even if you may think dating is not for you any more, now that you have got married and see each other every day, it can still actually be fun and magical. Here, are some great ways you can give both of you a much needed break and enjoy great dates.

1. Pack your lunch and head to a nearby park for a lovely picnic.

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2. Go on a zestful chaat spree and explore the by-lanes of your city together.

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3. Surprise your spouse with lovely home made dinner and enjoy it at a candle lit table set on your verandah or terrace.

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4. Take a trip to a place of both of your liking, book a hotel and have breakfast in bed. Nothing like it to unwind and enjoy in peace without having to worry about your daily chores.

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5. Go on a hike to a nearby place and spend a long weekend in a secluded cabin.

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6. Take a long drive to the outskirts of the city, eat at a dhaba and enjoy the sunset together.

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7. Book a couple spa. Relax and rejuvenate together enjoying the sauna and sipping warm herbal tea.

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8. Take a day off, switch off your phones and enjoy a lone day together. Give each other a back rub, try clumsily at baking a cake or simply cuddle and sleep.


9. Make a tent on the terrace and spend the night in it under the starry sky.

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10. Go museum hopping.

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11. Declare it a game night and play your favorite board games in bed. Have a gift ready for the winner!

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12. Go to a concert together and lose yourself crazy in it’s beats.

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13. Go bicycling in the park and enjoy children’s swings together. Don’t forget to take lots of pics.

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14. Play Master  Chef in the house and give each only 1 minute to gather raw materials to cook the other something out of them. Then begin the challenge.

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15. Take turns to paint each other’s faces and have a good laugh looking at yourself in the mirror.

image source
P. S. Do not worry or feel guilty if you have to tuck your kids in bed early some days or ask a friend or relative to look after them so you can spend time with your spouse. You deserve it and they understand it too.
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