16 Great Ideas To Make Your Date At Home A Lot More Interesting

Dating at home is both convenient and private. You love to spend those alone and quite moments with your beau but many a times it becomes dull with just a meal together at your dining table. So, to make things more fun and interesting we have here some great ideas for you to try out for your next cozy date at home.

1. Showdown

Get out your favorite video games and have fun testing each other’s battle skills. If you’re not so much of a fan of Counter Strike, go down the memory lane and enjoy Mario or Icelander.
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2. Board Room

Or challenge him at a game of carom, scrabble or ludo!
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3. Personal Masseuse

Enjoy loving moments together giving your beau a nice and relaxing massage.
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4. Read Together

Get a copy each, of a book you both like from the library and enjoy quite moments reading and discussing it.
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5. Finger Tasting

Gather some finger foods and have fun feeding each other. You can even up the quotient by blindfolding your SO and let him/her guess what’s it.
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6. Snuggle Up

Drag Your mattress into the hall, pile it with lots of soft pillows and get on in it snuggling close in warm blankets. Now grab two spoons and enjoy your favorite show together eating yummy dessert.
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7. 20 Questions

Ask each other really ridiculous questions about each other or anything at all and have a hearty laugh at the equally funny answers.
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8. Pillow Castle

Make a fort in the bedroom, using bed sheets and pillows and decorate it with lovely romantic things like fairy lights, tassels, flowers etc. Now spend the night in it talking endlessly into the night.
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9. Dance Night

Clear the furniture and make some space in your living room. Now play good music and do some dirty dancing together.
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10. Cheer Squad

Order some food, get into your favorite team’s jersey and cheer them watching the match together.
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11. DIY

Rake Pinterest for some cute couple DIY projects and make them. Maybe paint mugs together or make a chandelier using old and used coke bottles. Remember, the messier, the funnier and the cuter!
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12. Croon Together

Play YouTube videos, with lyrics, of the songs you both like and sing your heart out!

13. Bake-a-thon

Get a recipe of say pizza or a black forest cake or maybe lasagne, whatever you fancy and try your hand at that…!
image source/ Yash Raj Films

14. War Zone

Have a water balloon fight!!
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15. Break A Record

Find out a silly record from the Guinness Book of World Records and spend the night trying to break it…..Maybe together as a team or maybe against each other!
Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

16. Bubble Bath for Two

Need we say anything more?
image source/ Yash Raj Films
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