16 Really Dumb Things Guys Do When They Like You A Lot

Men are known to be reserved and inexpressive when it comes to being romantic. It is very hard for them to show that they care or that they are really really into you. But it is not so that they don’t show it at all. It is just that they have very different ways to express their liking.

1. They will tease you a lot… Most of the time it’s with a really irritating nickname they give to you.

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2. They will notice your new hair cut and then make fun of your silly flicks.

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3. They will actually get you a birthday gift.

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4. They’ll text you back even if it’s 2 am.

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5. And there will even be emoticons in his text… every single time.

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6. They will come to pick you up from wherever you are and at what ever time it is even if they maybe in the middle of a game fiesta with the guys.

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7. They will change the topic as soon as you bring up your bf or ex unless they are opting for the let-her-complain-till-she-realizes-what-a-great-bf-I-can-be method.

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8. They will call you up and almost always start the conversation with ‘were you busy’.

image source/ Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

9. They actually listen to you rattle on and on and even smile.

image source/ AA Films

10. They will always smell good, meaning they bathed to meet you… now that’s a sure shot sign.

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11. They won’t seem to notice the hot girl at the party.

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12. And brush it off every time you spot a hot chick suitable for them, giving some lame excuse like her head is too big.

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13. They will tell you ‘you’re already fine’ whenever you opt for salad over pizza.

image source/ Eros International

14. They will ask you if you would like to go for ‘this dumb movie’ he happens to have two tickets for, since his guy friend couldn’t come.

image source/ Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment- Eros International

15. They hold eye contact for long and when you wave ‘hello’, they smirk.. so cutely.

image source/ Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

16. Instead of hot or sexy that are their usual lingo for girls, they will call you ‘beautiful’ or a more subtle ‘achi lag rahi hai’.

image source/ Yash Raj Films /Featured Image Source/ Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures
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