17 Advantages Of Dating A Photographer

1. They are outdoorsy and know every beautiful spot in the city.

AA Films

2. And even if you are planning a trip somewhere away, trust them to list out for you the most picturesque spots to visit there.

Eros International

3. They will never allow a pimple ruin your picture.

image source/ Dharma Productions- UTV Motion Pictures

4. They will find beauty even in your just out of bed look.

Yash Raj Films

5. If you need time to yourself all you need is to tell them is you want a specific photograph and off they’ll go to get it for you.

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6. With all those faking models surrounding them, they’ll always prefer the real you.

Eros International

7. They are truly happy beings. After all they made their hobby their job, making each moment a cheerful one.

UTV Motion Pictures/ Featured Image Source

8. You know how guys never notice anything? Well, he will. Each time. And every single detail.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

9. Even your rickety old Scooty will look so great on OLX when they take its picture.


10. You’ll never miss out on anything because they’ll always have the moment captured for you.


11. Same goes for all the lovely moments you spend together. You can literally fill your walls from top to bottom with those snaps.

Balaji Motion Pictures

12. They are pretty good at working in the dark. 😉

image source

13. You’ll finally know a guy who loves to talk about things other than just sports.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

14. Dieting is off the table now that you have a photographer beau to make you look like a diva in every damn DP.

UTV Motion Pictures

image source

16. They are too patient and wouldn’t mind you spending hours shopping or painting your face. They can do candid pics till then.

Yash Raj Films

17. They are always up for some romance, watching the sunset with you. And they always know where exactly it looks its best.

image source/ T-Series /featured image source 
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