17 Signs That Show You Have A Crush On Somebody

We have all had crushes and still do. College after all is the second name of the numerous crushes we have. Naah… who told you it’s studies?!! 😉 Then, what are the signs that show you have a crush on someone?

1. You never miss your college no matter what… No.. you did not suddenly start loving political science! Its the chance of looking at your crush’s face that you don’t wanna miss at any cost!

image source / Red Chilies Entertainment- Eros International

2. You find every other girl in your class ‘pani kum chai’ in front of her!

image source / Red Chilies Entertainment- Eros International

3. You do not allow anyone to sit on your seat, so that perhaps today he/she would finally sit beside you.

image source /Yash Raj Films

4. You make everyone in your group call her their ‘Bhabhi’.

image source /Eros International

5. You try out a thousand possible reasons in your mind that could be reasonable enough to have a talk with her.

image source/ Dharma Productions- Eros International

6. You actually walk to the front door of the class, or to the window opposite her, just to have a glimpse at her.

image source / Red Chilies Entertainment- Eros International

7. Whenever she notices you staring at her, you just freeze there like an idiot not able to move or speak or even take your eyes off her.

image source / Dharma Productions- Eros International

8. The whole day then goes by thinking what a jerk she must be thinking you are!

image source/ Shree Ashtavinayak ine Vision Ltd.

9. But the rarest of those moments where she notices you looking her way but gives you a polite smile, you go….

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

10. And the still rarer of the rarest occasions where she happens to say something to you, maybe as small as just ‘excuse me’, you reach the 7th moon!

image source/ Red Chilies Entertainment

11. You fight your way in the crowd at the canteen or fee counter, just so you can stand closest to her and get a whiff of her sweet smelling coconutty hair!

image source / Red Chilies Entertainment- Eros International

12. You do all kinds of ‘jugad’ for getting her to be your partner in the chemistry lab.

image source/ T Series Film- M M Films

13. Your jugad extends to even getting her mobile no. And you have it. But never dare call her.

image source/ Eros International

14. And one fine day, with some good lot of coaxing you do call her, you end the call just as she answered it. And mind you…you never use your own no.!

image source / Yash Raj Films

15. The days when she is absent you lose your appetite. Its like apocalypse for you!

image source/ Yash Raj Films

16. You jittery all day to find out what’s wrong? Why she did not come!

image source / Reliance Entertainment

17. You do not get the night’s sleep that day. But when the next day comes again… You feel like dancing yourself crazy with happiness!! 😉

image source
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