18 Reasons Why You Need To Date Before Jumping Into A Relationship

Dating and relationship are often used interchangeably but to be honest, they are both a world apart from each other. While dating is the time for weighing your options, testing waters and taking it easy peasy, relationships call for you to commit to a relation with a person. Once you’ve got in a relationship, you’ve nowhere else to go; at least not without some hardcore filmy drama, lots of pain and buckets full of tears. So, it is essential to date before you decide to jump into a relationship with someone. Not convinced? Here are the 18 good reasons that will tell you why you should be.

1. You don’t want to find out you are in a relationship with a serial killer.


2. Neither do you want to find out later he’s into some really weird and gross sexual stuff.

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3. Because you want to be sure this guy doesn’t live on his parents’ pocket money still.


4. Nor do you want your date with them to be just a date in their jam packed scheduler.

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5. You want to be sure she isn’t a gold digger.

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6. Or a free-loader.

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7. Or him, a psychopath.

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8. Or a playboy.

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9. Nor do you want to discover later, your bae’s too much of a mamma’s boy or a daddy’s girl.

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10. Because you want to make sure your sacred space remains so.

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11. You don’t want your honey poo to be laughing at your back with his/her buddies.

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12. Since you would rather not have a bae at all than be stuck with their annoying habits without a warning.

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13. Or at least be wary of their habits which may make your eye twitch.

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14. And let them adjust to yours as well.

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15. You don’t want to freak him out with your no make-up look all of a sudden.

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16. Or your gross Sunday special, ‘pig-shaming’ rituals.

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17. Because, you don’t want to go through a heartbreak warfare.

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18. But want to create a natural bond between you two!

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