19 Darn Cute Ways To Say ‘I’m Sorry’ When You Mess Up

Who doesn’t mess up? Just remember all those nauseating and awful things you have done to your sweet sweet bae that made them pucker up. Now that you have taken good five minutes playing the flashback movie of blunders, here’s your chance to prep up for the time you mess up again. You see, you can never be too careful. And if you are already in the ignore or burn-gaze zone… (Ouch!) make use of these super cute ways to apologise to your honey and make things all happy and loving instantly or say, after two or three of these attempts if you have gone too far this while. 😉

1. Cuddle up and don’t let go. Remember your monkey origins and hug them tightly in the sweetest and the cutest kiddo way when they are angry with you. And threaten them to not leave you until and unless they forgive you.

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2. Shower them with kisses, hugs and tickles until they are too powerless to stay mad at you. See their frown disappear into laughter.

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3. Make that wretched puppy face that always and always works. If it works for your pet Labrador even after transforming your expensive sofa into its personal loo, it will work for you as well.

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4. Bring that evil pup to use for once which is good alone to look cute and send it to your sweetheart, with a note saying ‘I am sorry!’ stuck to its back.

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5. Gear up that time machine and write a long love letter, roll it up and cork it in a bottle for him to find it on the breakfast table or pack it and send it as a gift.

image source

6. Or play Romeo/Juliet and croon (even if it maybe croaking to others) some really silly poem written originally by you. Remember the sillier the better… It will make them laugh and forget your trespassing unto them.

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7. If your guy’s a foodie. Let me re frame… If anybody anywhere has hurt a guy, your best bet to make him forget all the woes and lift you up happily is by dishing out some good food for him.

Special note: Want a new pair of Jimmy Choos? Try the same trick. Nothing works better for them for anything, trust me.
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8. But if you have two left hands when it comes to cooking, then better order some custom made cupcakes with ‘I’m sorry’ piped on them.

image source

9. You can also try spelling out ‘Sorry’ with any food or or ketchupg too for a yet easier but ultra cute apology.

image source

10. Wear an ugly dummy hat with a sad smilie face painted over it and a T-shirt that explains how badly sorry you are.

Oh c’mmon. It’s any day better that stuffing your head into a turkey’s a**. And well, their forgiveness is worth it.
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11. Arrange to send them boxes of candies and chocolates with notes saying ‘I love you’, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Please forgive me’, if they have a sweet tooth.

On a second thought though, send them those anyway, who can deny boxes of sweet goodies and still stay mad at you.
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12. Make a board saying you’re sorry and if possible, decorate it with borders, trinkets and designs etc. Now welcome them like this when they come back home or when you go to see them.

image source

13. Or take a picture of yourself like this and send them an email of it. Though if you can, best would be to set this as their desktop background, for them to see this the first thing when they open it.

A smile is sure to cross their lips when they see it.
image source

14. Or bombard them with sorry notes. Leave sticky notes telling your story just about anywhere and everywhere.

image source

15. Send them assorted nuts….

image source

….or get dumber and send them a bag of peanuts with a note attached saying, ‘I’m sorry I drive you nuts sometimes’.

image source

16. Buy a kids’ magic slate or a regular one, write ‘I’m very sorry. Can we erase the past and start over again?’ on it and gift it to them.

image source

17. Record your own voice on a CD apologizing to them along with a compilation of songs of similar theme and send it to them.

Better make the CD cover with a cute looking sad smilie face to make them smile even before they open it.
image source

18. Try the classic. Send them flowers and balloons saying sorry on your behalf to them.

image source

19. And if you are one of those never-afraid-to-flaunt romantic type people then take the help of a close friend to have them bring your love to a park or restaurant where you would be ready with a bouquet of flowers on your knees.

And this time to apologise for the grand mistake that you committed! See if they can remain from getting wooed or smiling.
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