21 Interesting Things To Talk About With Your Partner For A Happy Relationship

Conversation is the key to a happy relationship. Couple who freely share a word not only tend to keep their relationship healthy but also save it from getting dull and boring. But unfortunately, you often tend to find yourself at loss of topics to discuss when in a relationship. It is indeed a very stressful situation when you run out of topics to talk with your bae. After all, that’s what brings you closer and strengthens your bond.
You could be in a new relationship or you could be relationship seasoned over time…. But in the either scenarios, it becomes necessary to make things interesting and exciting sometimes. And for that, you need to focus on the areas where you can always find something refreshing and attractive for you two to enjoy a great conversation.

So, given here are 21 such amusing topics you can talk about to keep your relationship healthy and fun.

While all of these questions can be repeated as many times as you want, what’s more interesting is that you will get a new answer each time you ask them. So, buckle up.

1. Weekend Wishlist

Even if just Monday, it shouldn’t stop you from making plans for the weekend. After all good times need some planning. Besides, it will give you something exciting to look forward to the whole week!

2. Paying A Praise

Complimenting your partner should never need a time or occasion. If you like something you should definitely say it right there, right then. On a second note, it need not be a new haircut or a new shirt that you compliment them for. Little sweet remarks about their cute smile or how you find it adorable the way they make a face when they make a blunder etc. are also great.

3. Daily Draft

Talk about your daily happenings. Share what’s worrying you or what new in your life. Little incidents of everyday life also make great topics to talk about. Moreover, that is how you make your partner feel they are close.

4. Work And Play

Work problems, even if not be completely solved by your bae, can effectively be reduced by sharing those with them. You get a new perspective to look at things with their help and that is how you come closer to solving them as well. Apart from that, workplace can be source of loads of interesting and funny incidents as well which you can very well enjoy sharing with them.

5. Secret Keeper

Your beau is the person who is perhaps the closest to you. They are the right person to share your deepest desires and secrets with and be assured they will remain safe with them. Besides, your secrets or even fantasies can make hot topic of discussion between you.

6. Mulling Over Movies

Movies and shows are the most general and yet always anew and welcomed topics to talk about. You can discuss an actor that was looking hot in a movie, or their acting and even a movie that you may have worshipped while growing up. Never a dull moment with these.

7. Food On My Mind

Food is a yet another evergreen topic of discussion that perhaps no person can ever get tired of talking about. Take your pick…. the one food you can eat any time, the best food to cheer you up even from the darkest of pits, your favourite restaurant… And best, where and what to eat the next time you dine out!

8. Dreams Galore

Dreams are never ending. After you have achieved one, you get another to hook on to. So, always a buttload of topics to discuss. And who does it harm in making up and sharing nonsensical dreams like living in a house of cheese and eating nothing but lifelong. After all, you have every right to get to your weirdest and craziest self with your boo, isn’t it?

9. Holiday Adventure

Ahhh… aren’t those the happiest times? They are the times to get you trucks full lovely memories to take back with you. So, remember together or share the funny, absurd, sad and hilarious moments from the vacations that you may have gone on together or with your family/friends respectively in the past. Or you can also discuss a place you may like to visit next or how you want to spend the next Diwali holidays.

10. Interest In Interest

Your partner maybe from Mars and you from Venus when it comes to hobbies but still you can have lots to share with them on that. You can listen to them tell you about a video on the world’s greatest mysteries that they might have watched and you can tell them about the difficult step that you just couldn’t do in at your dance class. Besides, who knows you may land up discovering a common interest!

11. Friends And Frolic

You both have your own friends whom you like to spend time with. Knowing about them is  getting a step closer to knowing your partner’s life more when you aren’t around. Also, our silly friends always give us loads of interesting things to talk about, don’t they?

12. Us Together

If you have been in the relationship for some time now, you can talk about where you see yourself in the future as a couple. It is fun and thrilling and let’s you clear the cobwebs around the uncertainty of your relationship. However, you need to be a little careful to not overwhelm your partner with your expectations of the future.

13. Flaws In Me

Talking about your own flaws and showing interest in trying to improve them only makes your partner feel more relaxed when around you and helps them to come out with their own vulnerabilities with ease.

14. Family Is Fun

Your families provide an infinite time of gossip and fun! Cash in on it by talking about the idiosyncrasies and silly incidents that may have happened in your families. It will also make your partner loosen up and spending time with your family more fun and casual.

15. Intimate Issues

Whatever problems or issues you may be facing physically together, need to be sorted out. It is never a good idea to brush them aside for they will always come back haunting at one point or another. So, talk it out.

16. Naughty And Nice

Being in a relationship also calls for sharing little naughty and sweet nothings that only two persons in a romantic relationship share. It is an integral part of your relationship that makes it exciting and lovable. So, it’s nice to get a little catty sometimes and purr out some naughty stuff to your partner.

17. Health, Wealthy And Wise

When you bae is such an important part of your life, sharing and discussing health related matters with him becomes necessary as well. Don’t skip it to just confide in your doc. Your bae can also help you to enhance your life, if you choose to keep them in loop.

18. Down The Memory Lane

Childhood is a treasure trove of hilarious and innocent smiles and memories. Share with your bae the silly beliefs you may have had as a kid, the achievements, proud moments, the dumb mistakes and the endless trail of mischiefs that made that time so cherished. It will give you hours of pure fun and let you know your partner even better.

19. Fancy Future

Everyone has some plans and wants from their future self. Be it as big as leaving your monotonous job to start your own Italian brewery or something as random as the world and you in the future. You can not only share your self-expectations and know their opinion on it but also their view and thinking on intellectual and deeper things in life. Can anything let you gauge them any better than this?

20. Goal Galloping

It can be anything at all that you may want to do together…. And I don’t just mean talking about marriage or buying a house together… Of course you can if you want to. But leaving the serious giants aside, it could be something like taking a class together, throwing a party for your friends or even entering a motivational partnership to reach a weight goal.

21. Opinions Matter

If you truly love your beau, it shouldn’t hold you back from giving your honest opinion on something even if you think it would be opposing them. Seeing your bae make a wrong choice or get in trouble with a wrong decision is never better than standing up to help them see the right. They will always appreciate you for your insight and help.
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