24 Cute Ways To Make Up After A Huge Fight

Fights and arguments are common in any relationship. Although your ego doesn’t let you bend while actually in the process of the messy fight but often these arguments seem too insignificant and nonsensical as the day turns over. This is when you start feeling an urgent need to make up with them. Though it seems hard but it is in fact also the easiest thing to do since it is your S.O. you have to make up to and moreover even they are secretly agitated to bond again! So, here are some super cute ways to make it right with your beau after a huge fight:

1. Re-pair.

Send him a tool kit or even a toy tool box with a message saying, ‘We screwed up. Let’s re-pair’.

2. A piece of cake.

Or take with you a cake with icing saying ‘Eat, Make(Up) and Love’.

3. Chef’s special.

Prepare a gourmet meal (or order out) for two and surprise them over a beautifully laid out candle light dinner date at home.

4. Dance your differences away.

Call your bae over to make up for the fight you had. Clear your drawing room space and play the songs that are special to your relationship. Now close dance and forget everything.

5. Say it with your heart.

With an apple seeder scoop out the centre of a red heart shaped candle (containing the wick). Now place the two pieces in a box and gift it to them with a card saying ‘Our fight put a hole in my heart. Only you can make it whole and make my heart melt’.

6. Worth a thousand words.

Make a card for them saying ‘I’ll forgive you…’ on the outside with its inside finishing the words with ‘…if you’ll forgive me’.

7. Motion make up.

Upload a cute YouTube video of yours telling them what they mean to you and why you hate it so much that you fought’.

8. Fix it up.

Fix something like their bike or their iPod for them that you know they have been putting off for a while and attach a note to it saying ‘Now let’s fix us together’.

9. Start at the beginning.

Arrange for a small surprise like a nice picnic at a place significant to your relationship maybe the place where the two of you first confessed about your feelings.

10. Peace out.

Make a white flag with a red heart in the centre and give it to them telling them that it means you don’t want to fight more and let only love rule.

11. Wrap it up.

Get him tickets to his favourite show or a gift of something he wanted for some time now with a note reading ‘For someone I never want to be mad at me’.

12. Pictures speak louder than words.

Take pictures of abstract objects in the surrounding, with each one spelling out a letter to make ‘I love even you frown’.

13. Fly high.

Fly a balloon or a kite into their bedroom window with ‘I can’t stand us not talking. Please let’s forget and forgive.’ sprawled across it.

14. Shake that leg.

Dance in the craziest way possible to make them laugh even if it’s utterly embarrassing.

15. An ode of love.

Send them an old fashioned love letter to tell them what a douche you both have been and how you desperately want to end the madness.

16. Push the play button.

Watch a RomCom together or if the fight was because you always watch those, then maybe an action movie.

17. Streamers and more.

Welcome them with a handmade streamer spelling out ‘A fight can’t fight off my love for you’ and a bunch of flowers.

18. Down the memory lane.

Make a collage of the great moments you spent together and send it to them with a message saying ‘The ugly stupid argument that totally sucks? Or THIS? ‘

19. Food for thought.

If you both love a certain food, for eg. pizza then tell them they can have the last slice. They’ll know what a sacrifice you made.

20. A flowery attempt.

Collect a bunch of flowers from your garden and make a bouquet for them yourself, complete with cute bows and ribbons.

21. A burst of emotion.

Bring them balloons and tell them ‘Let’s burst each one together and with them all our ego too’.

22. All in a day’s work.

Plan a whole day out with them doing various fun activities and eating out together. Try to make it very special for them.

23. A puzzling affair.

Take a picture of yours making a puppy face and holding a board saying ‘Let’s make up’. Now print it, cut it into shapes of puzzle pieces and send it to them in a gift box.

24. Close to the heart.

Give them a big, tight and warm hug and see all differences melting away automatically.
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